Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release)

Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release) is a complete solution for bidirectional technical content. Publish natively across channels, mobile devices and formats, and author with best-in-class XML/DITA support. Collaborate seamlessly with experts, and manage content using integration with leading CMSs. Learn more
Focused on XML authoring? Check out the 2015 release of Adobe FrameMaker XML Author! Learn more
  • Experience best-in-class XML authoring

    Take advantage of a new task-oriented ribbon UI to accomplish more in less time. Customize features like never before to create your very own optimized work environment.

  • Leverage support for Arabic and Hebrew

    Serve global markets by translating content into RTL languages, Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi. You can also author and publish in RTL languages, and include mixed bidirectional content in the same paragraph, document, book, or DITA map

  • Publish to mobile devices and multiple formats

    Natively publish content across channels, mobile devices and formats, including mobile apps. Provide relevant content faster with new content filters. Enhance the consumption experience with the new HTML5 layout.

  • Work smarter, accomplish more

    Collaborate efficiently with smoother import of Microsoft Word files and a built-in packager. Do more with tables. Work productively with mini TOCs, application of conditional text at the book level, and an enhanced UI.