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Adobe Learning Summit 2013
Adobe and education have had a long-standing relationship, one that has evolved through innovations in technology, helping redefine both teaching and learning. Our close association with pioneers in the field of education and the commitment to steer best practices is reflected in various programs to promote interaction among the education community.

The Adobe Learning Series are online seminars that feature professionals who are renowned in the frontier areas of education technology. Join in to gain insights on the emerging trends.
Flipped Classrooms
Adopt Flipped Classrooms, blended learning where students learn at home and practice in class. Quickly and easily create course videos that students can access from home, and use class time to do assignments and collaborate with peers and teachers.
Jonathan Bergmann
Ten questions you should ask before you flip your classroom.
Jonathan Bergmann
A pioneer of the Flipped Class movement, Jon is an award-winning teacher,
author, and educational change agent. He serves on the advisory board of TED Education.
Student assessment and Early Intervention
Leverage collaboration and Early Intervention to track learner performance, identify individuals who need course correction, and track key performance metrics in an intuitive learner dashboard, without investing in an LMS.
Brian S.Friedlander
The power of student assessments and Early Intervention.
Dr. Brian S.Friedlander, Ph.D.
An associate professor of education at the College of St. Elizabeth, Brian teaches
graduate courses in special education. An expert in the area of assistive technology,
he utilizes a range of eLearning tools to deliver courses online.
Online courseware and video lectures
Create online tutorials and course videos that merge your content with your presence. Your students get to see you alongside your screen content, creating the experience of a real-life lecture.
Allen Partridge
Effortless video creation from the comfort of your desktop.
Dr. Allen Partridge, Senior Product Evangelist, Adobe
Allen has a 15-year background in game and multimedia development. He is head of Insight
Interactive Games and director of the Applied Media and Simulation Games Center at Indiana
University of Pennsylvania and a senior technology evangelist for Adobe eLearning products.
Allen has researched and reported on authentic educational solutions using Immersive Learning Solutions at ASTD and for the eLearning Guild during last spring’s conference.